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21st January 2013

Photoset with 22 notes

Ohayocon 2013, Saturday, Part 2

Karkat is Ruki, who steals hands.

Sollux is DJ.

Terezi is Dreamersfield.

Ghostbuster Jade is Norway.

Dead Dave is ZMX.

The Ψiioniic is woekitten.

The Dolorosa is yaexrae.

The Disciple is Slix.

The Signless with the black cloak is me.

Jack Frost is AVA.

Kanaya is Saro.

Let me know who’s who, so I can tag them. Also, message me if you need a high-resolution copy of any of these photos.

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    I’m so scared why is Amkii only wearing one contact.
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    jade leans on karkat seductively while dave prepares to give us both a full-cavity search later on the ancestors and...
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