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24th April 2012

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Homestuck Fans: Your Official Guide to Acen 2012!


Please reblog if you or any of your followers are going to Acen so this can circulate! Stuff in this post is subject to change. I will keep it up to date with accurate information so keep checking back.

Friday Homestuck Official Gathering


Loading Docks A& B

“Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Homestuck”: A Panel


The panel will consist of our cast of 16 fantastic actors in character as all 12 trolls and all 4 beta kids. It will be structured as a Q&A type panel in which audience members are encouraged to ask their favorite homestuck characters everything they’ve always dreamed of asking them but have never had the chance! WELL NOW THEY HAVE IT. OH MY GOD. YES. So please join us! We’re excited to have you!

Room “Dublin” at the Doubletree (there will be a sky bridge between the Doubletree and the convention center)

Saturday Homestuck Official Gathering


Loading Docks A& B

I ( aka sweetbeanpaste on the forums aka Allie) am the only person that is going to be running/in charge of all three events. I am co-hosting the panel with maihyuga and archaeologistaradia, and our lovely cast. I will also be running both  meetups as designated by the Acen staff member in charge of meetups and panels with the help of Ezra and WeirdKanjiGirl.

So if anyone has any questions/inquiries, I’m your girl! Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me!


Stuff to know! 2012 - Pictures, locations, locales

Anime Central Mobile App (SUPER HELPFUL)

omg. Thank you.

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    going as fem! spades slick friday and aradia saturday!
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    Reblogging just to helps people.
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    Hell yes. I’ll be cosplaying both Jake and Karkat throughout the weekend.
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    Going to both shoots as Derse Equius. ACEN COME INTO MY ARMS
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    Going on Saturday as the Aimless Renegade, and I’m bringing a PM with me, too! That is to say, someone dressed up as PM....